Custom Stained Glass


** S O L D  **

While not quite finished, this leaping bass is a large piece, set in real Lake Ontario driftwood. Please contact me if interested in purchasing this one-of-a-kind piece of art.

Hand In Heart Custom piece, see testimonial from Raissa C.

Hand-in-heart custom order for Raissa C. Thank you for your order.



This very cute Rudolph to put a smile on your face. About 9″ tall..


A real Canadian moose, (already sold) Just an example of what you can order.


Have your pet immortalized in stained glass. This project was made using a photograph of Tigger set against snow, and was a gift for her owner.

Hint –  Does your piece of stained glass look dull? Has it lost it’s sparkle?  No Problem.. Simply rub the seams gently with steel wool, then polish to a brilliant shine with car wax.